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Why Book Your Stay at Pandanus Court in Caoundra?

Have you ever wondered what it is like to stay in a wonderful apartment while on a beach holiday? If your answer is yes, then you may want to book your stay at Pandanus Court in Caloundra.

Located in Kings Beach, it is a boutique development of 16 holiday apartments that are self-contained. Aside from that, this place has a lot more to offer. Read on to know more.

First-class amenities

When you book your stay at this apartment development that has a remarkable beach frontage, you will be able to enjoy first-class amenities, as well as lawns and gardens covered by Pandanus trees. Not only that, but there are also alfresco dining areas and a heated pool in the fully fenced courtyard.

Stunning views

If you stay in this place, you will not only enjoy the beautiful view of the place but other sceneries as well. In fact, you can enjoy views over the Pacific Ocean and Moreton Island of you stay at Gaze Away Caloundra,

Beautiful rooms

Pandanus Court can have the most stunning rooms. You may find the rooms cosy, and you will end up staying most of your time there. Also, their rooms come with a lot of amenities and everything you would probably need while you are away from your home. See more at Accom Caloundra

By the way, their living rooms are also spacious. In the main bedroom, there is a TV set where you can watch your favourite shows.

Guaranteed comfort

The management of this apartment building ensures that all their guests are provided with amenities that they need in a professional and decent manner. Not only that, but the housekeeping team keeps all the rooms clean. Every room also has a luxury bed that guarantees a good night sleep.

You can also experience comfort and convenience if you book accommodation at Caloundra.

Cosy atmosphere

Your home may have a different feel, but when you stay in Edgecliffe Caloundra apartments, the atmosphere will be completely different. In fact, the peaceful atmosphere all around the place will give you a delightful stay, and most importantly, it makes you feel like heaven.


When looking for a place where you can stay while you are on a vacation, make sure to opt for one that is safe.

The Pandanus apartment has a private courtyard and balcony, secure parking, and security systems to ensure the safety of all their guests. There are security guards on watch as well.

Exceptional service

The service you will receive in this apartment is so exceptional. You will be provided with great deals. What’s more, it has a lot of staff members who are highly trained. They will respond to your needs politely and happily.

Final Thoughts

Staying at Pandanus Court is a fantastic and great experience that is full of benefits, from cosy ambiance to stunning views.

You will find a lot of apartments out there in Caloundra that can offer you great facilities and amenities, but nothing can beat the one we reviewed in this article. For more information, visit their website at: