Next generation car from Kia with higher performance and greater emphasis on safety

At the Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) held recently, Kia motors, the popular automobile manufacturer of South Korea, has introduced two new models of cars. The two introductions from Kia are the third-generation Kia Grand Carnival and the fourth-generation Sportage QL. The kia carnival Brisbane dealers sell is a minivan, and it is known for its excellent performance, safety and fuel economy. A feather in the cap, Kia Carnival has won a five-star rating from the ANCAP which is regarded as the Australian safety watchdog for automobiles.

Emphasis on passenger safety:

The manufacturers of kia carnival Brisbane dealers sell have introduced several notable changes in the design of the car. These changes are both in the exterior and interior of the car. Apart from incorporating several changes to enhance exterior elegance and interior comfort, due emphasis has also been laid not only on the performance of the car but also on the safety of the passengers.

Six cylinder engine:

As a matter of fact, this is an eight-seat minivan, and it is powered by powerful 3.3 liter V6 engine, which produces 318 Nm torque. This front-wheel drive Carnival has a 6-speed automatic transmission. This all-new carnival has 80-liter petrol tank and with its 7.7 liters/100 Kms, it has achieved higher mileage. One of the exceptional features of Kia Carnival is that it has a six-cylinder engine. But, all other automobiles of this category have a four-cylinder engine.

Safety first:

The safety features of the car include front and rear wiper, rear cross assist, lane change assist, blind spot monitoring system and lane departure warning. For comfortable night driving, Carnival is provided with HID headlight with automatic high beam assistance.

As far as interior is concerned, memory driven driver seat, reverse view camera and parking assist system are also provided. In addition to these, Kia Carnival is provided with six air bags.  Further, the 18”-alloy wheel base makes it an ideal vehicle to zoom even on roads with uneven terrain. Kia Carnival Brisbane

Ideal for long hours of journey:

As already said Carnival is regarded as a minivan, but it zooms like a car. Adjustable power steering wheel, navigation screen are some of the salient features of the cockpit of kia carnival Brisbane dealers sell. Comfortable boot space, air conditioner, Bluetooth, speakers are some of the notable luxuries available in Carnival. With so many comforts, you will not feel the fatigue even after long hours of journey in the Kia Carnival.

Go on a test drive:

You may visit any of the authorized dealers to purchase kia carnival Brisbane wide. You may also book an appointment for test driving the Carnival. While test driving you may also ask the accompanying technicians about the various features available in the car.

Visit an authorized showroom:

From the point of view of service and repairs, the new kia carnival Australia dealers sell is so designed that most of the mechanical parts can be conveniently reached. This helps the technician to quickly dismantle and reassemble any of the defective units or components of the car. The authorized dealers of Kia Carnival also undertake to repair and service all models of Kia cars. The authorized dealers may also provide you road side assistance 24/7. You may visit the authorized showrooms to get a closer look at the Kia Carnival and also to get all the technical details. http://kiacarnivalbrisbane.com.au/


The New Mitsubishi ASX – A Car in Every Segment

The Geneva Motor Show is where Mitsubishi revealed this reworked model as every automobile manufacturer would do. The motor shows do offer the brands the opportunity to showcase the best and latest features they have included in their models. Many companies routinely rehash their cars and present a better automobile to their customers. There are many reasons for this. One is that they would have received customer feedback on the previous versions. Secondly, there would have been a competitor’s model launched in the same segment with better features and so there is this need to measure up to the challenge. Whatever the background, the new Mitsubishi ASX appears to have impressed the Australians very much if one goes by the reports.

It’s more of a Cross-Over

The way the new Mitsubishi ASX has been positioned by the manufacturer, it can pass of as an SUV, albeit a compact one and at the same time slotting it as a city car with sufficient space inside. The major modifications brought in, in the 2016 version, include a revamped 2-litre petrol engine and a 2.2-litre diesel powertrain. The car is available in 2 and 4-wheel drives. Mitsubishi has also tweaked the model in the case of the transmission with what they have called the CVT which stands for constantly variable transmission. It is not entirely in the category of automatic transmission since a clutch pedal is also included. In terms of the rest of the features, the new Mitsubishi ASX has been packed with loads of them with features like the sun roof (they call it the panoramic glass roof), 18-inch alloy wheels, 7-inch colour display screen and a host of safety features.

Other Mitsubishi Models You can Look At

Of the other models from the stable of this Japanese auto maker, the new Mitsubishi triton also seems to have found favour among the Australian car buyers. The pick-up truck sporting a 2.4-litre diesel engine has most of the features you would expect from a good pick up, and it delivers better power and torque and has a 4WD version as well. The cabin is large, and the storage space is even larger.

For those looking for a fuel-efficient car, the Mitsubishi mirage is being suggested by those who review and recommend. The Mirage is a hatchback car for personal use, and a lot of effort has been put in to deck up the looks and the exterior, and the car is being offered in ES and LS models.

But the SUV that impresses everyone from the Mitsubishi is the New Mitsubishi Outlander with the 5 and 7-seater options. The 7-inch touch screen can operate virtually most of the communication systems in the car, including the radio. The security provisions including the reverse camera, and the warning and brake assist are the latest features.

Mitsubishi Motors has had a successful run in Australia, selling their cars and SUVs with the latest features and making the changes that suit the car buyers and drivers in Australia. The aim is to have a vehicle in each slot and satisfying all segments.     http://brisbanecitymitsubishi.com.au/


Choose The Best Tyre Company

The Tyre is the outer portion of a vehicle, and customers often feel the need for new tyres, especially when the tyres of their vehicle have deteriorated, and they are not in a good condition to run the vehicle. There can be different types of tyres available to use and one of the best known new tyres in gold coast are available from different tyre manufacturing companies. Many companies are functioning in the market, who are offering different kinds and types of tyres, which might differ in terms of quality and price; however, the end decision lies in the choice of customers as to what kind of tyres they would like to choose and will fit in their requirements.

Availability of Branded Tyres

It is suggested to choose tyre dealers who have different branded tyres available in their showroom. So no matter what kind of vehicle you are using, every kind and type of tyre is available with the company, and you can purchase it comfortably from there. Hence, while customers are on the search for a good and appropriate tyre, you can just reach out to the company and get some tyres suiting your requirements.

There can be high quality premium tyres available, which could last for long miles; even more than 20 to 30 thousand miles. If you are looking for a lesser price range, then you can even consider choosing mid-range tyres as well. There are other brands, which are also available at much affordable prices. There are some of the tyres, which are known as summer and winter tyres. You may consider these apart from the all-season tyres that are already there with the dealers.

Get New Tyres at Affordable Cost

The best and new tyres in gold coast are available at the most affordable prices. When you start exploring the market, you will come across many companies, which sell tyres, but the key lies in how to choose the best one among all. One of the main specifications which must be considered before buying any tyre is checking its quality and price.

Once you know that, you can start comparing with the other types of tyres available on the market. It is never easy to find new tyres in gold coast at much comparable prices but you can contact different sellers to gain more knowledge on the same. Another key thing to consider before choosing a tyre is to check whether the company provides you 100% customer satisfaction or not.

Even when you purchase any tyre, many times some of the tyres could be defective so the company must have a replacement policy as well. Many brands are available on the market to choose from, and you will be able to grab a deal only when you seek assistance from genuine tyre suppliers. Getting a balanced tyre is extremely important for your vehicle so make sure that you choose a tyre which is balanced and fits your car as well.

For more information, you can always visit the website of tyre dealers.