Key Parts for ATVs –Skid Plates and Bullbar Kits

ATVs prove to be very useful to people who live in interiors and need to access places not directly connected with metalled roads. The ATV is also a sports vehicle where the riders ride the ATVs through the rough and tumble of the terrain they are trying to cover, either for fun or in a race. It is obvious that the ATVs have to bear the brunt of the rough surface and the frequent moving up and down on the fields. The ATV skid plate is one component that plays a key role in giving this protection to the ATV in more ways than one.

ATV Skid Plate

Material of Construction and Key Features

The skid plates for ATVs are made of a particular grade of aluminium, which is certified for its strength and reliability to withstand the rough rides. You need to specify the particular model and make for which the skid plate is being ordered. You will have an ATV skid plate designed for Honda or Suzuki or Aussie Powersports or  other make/models. Besides the components of the ATV, the feet of the driver are also protected by the skid plate. What’s more, the skid plates are even made to suit specific terrain such as for the ATVs sold and used in Australia, the skid plate makers design and make them work well in Australia. The ATV skid plate is also quite useful to ensure that the dust and grime that the ATV may pick up in the rough surfaces do not affect the critical parts and can be washed away with a jet of water.

There are other parts for ATVs as well

Besides the ATV skid plate, there are other important parts which the ATV user has to keep in readiness if he/she is using the ATV regularly. For the kind of usage that the ATV has to endure, it is not a surprise that the user has to take care of its upkeep and to do that, keeping the parts stocked up for timely replacement is essential. One such part is the ATV winch mount. This is typically a solid steel plate with holes for fixing it on to the ATV and secure with bolts and nuts. The bolts and nuts form part of the pack and the only thing you must know while placing the order for this part is to know make and model of ATV you are ordering it for. These winch mounts are meant to ensure that the winch rests strongly in its place even when it is pulling the job, and the ATV is on the move. In Australia, the ATVs are many times used in the fields and forests to haul weights over uneven surfaces.

Another ATV part or accessory frequently ordered is the Honda ATV Bullbar Kits, by the Honda ATV owners. The bulbar is basically a metallic guard made from powder coated metal and is meant to protect the headlights and the other components which can be exposed to things protecting on the way of the ATV. The radiator and the plastic in the front receive protection from the bulbar kits.