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The Appropriate Attire for a Funeral

Unfortunately, in life there are those moments when we have to say goodbye to people who we love. A funeral is the occasion where the bereaved have to take care of the funeral arrangements. They have to follow certain customs when it comes to the event as well. Expect that there might be some dress codes you need to adhere to. You have to pick an attire that is appropriate for the occasion when attending funerals in Mandurah, AU, for example. The dress code you choose depends on your relationship with the family, culture and religious belief of the deceased. Here are some important tips to help you to choose the appropriate dress code for the occasion.

Traditional Western Funeral Dress Code

Traditional western funeral attire is the same as Christian funerals attire. For men, they are supposed to be in a black suit, white shirt and black tie. You can also use maroon and navy ties. Also, if you do not have a black suit you can choose a midnight blue tie. For the shoes, it’s supposed to be black and well-polished. Ensure also that the attire is pressed, odour-free and clean.

If the funeral service is taking place in a church as many funerals in Mandurah do, you are not supposed to remove your jacket during the entire service. However, if the ceremony is taking place in an open place, you are allowed to leave your jacket.

“Personalized Funerals” Dress Code

In recent years, “personalized funerals” have become very popular. If this is the situation when attending funerals in Mandurah, then the family of the deceased should inform you early enough. Even if you have been allowed to put on a T-shirt ensure that it’s conservative and traditional. Attire such as shorts, jeans, sandals, tennis shoes should be avoided since they can be disrespectful to the family of the deceased.

Funeral Attire for Other Cultures

While Christian culture allows you to wear dark attire, other religious beliefs have a different view on what should be worn at a funeral.

  • Muslim Funeral Attire

If the funeral is being held in a mosque, then it’s a must to take off your shoes before entering. In this case, make sure that your socks are presentable and clean. Men are allowed to put on darker suits. For women, it’s a must to put on a headscarf. During the ceremony, men and women sit in separate selected areas.

  • Jewish Funeral Attire

In Jewish funerals, men are supposed to cover their heads. It’s only in Jewish Orthodox funeral service that both men and women are supposed to cover their heads using scarves. Most Synagogues will provide a head covering for those who do not own one. The rest of the outfit should be dark in colour.

  • Buddhist Funeral Dress Code

Unlike other religions where grievers are allowed to put on black attire, grieving Buddhists are only allowed to put on a white outfit. Therefore, white clothes are the official dress code for the family of the deceased. However guest can dress in dark and conservative clothing. Buddhist funerals usually take place in a temple, and all people are supposed to remove their shoes before entering.

When you are choosing an attire to wear at a funeral, keep in mind that you are not going there to attract attention, but rather to honour the deceased and support the family.