Tips for Cheap Accommodation Gold Coast Options

Australia’s Gold Coast is renowned for its abundant sunshine and golden beaches. It is, therefore, no accident that it is a top tourist destination in the country with great offerings for travelers.  The Gold Coast is widely known for its general laid back lifestyle with friendly and welcoming locals. If you are traveling on budget, then one of your main aims will be scoring great cheap accommodation Gold Coast options. These should not only let you stay in comfort but also give you great proximity and service as you experience all that this tourist paradise has to offer.

cheap accommodation gold coast

Gold Coast Attractions

When it comes to the attractions, the Gold Coast has much to offer.  These include the world-famous Surfers Paradise, biking and walking trails, as well as animal and adventure tours for travelers. There are plenty of tips that you can factor in when looking for good accommodation here:

Avoid the Surfers Paradise

This is a premium tourist location and you should therefore expect the hotel rates to be generally steep. You will have to dig very deep into your pocket to afford a great accommodation here. The good news is that you can still find other prime locations with all the beaches and the scenery without spending a fortune. These include places such as the Burleigh Beach as well as the Burleigh Beach Tower. These, too, guarantee a laid back experience that will give you a quieter holiday in a relatively peaceful environment.

Go for the Holiday Apartments

Instead of the uber-expensive five star luxury hotels or boutique hotels, opt for the holiday apartments when visiting the Gold Coast. You can find the best holiday houses Gold Coast has that offer you more or the same of the quality and amenities that you will find in star-rated establishments.

One of the best places to find holiday apartments Gold Coast has for tourists is the Burleigh Beach Tower or the Burleigh Heads Apartments. The high-rise apartments guarantee a top quality and luxurious accommodation with good proximity to the surfing beach at the Burleigh Heads. This beach has been consistently voted one of the best in Australia for surfing. It is situated close to the koala sanctuary thus giving you some wildlife experience.  Other attractions that are situated close to the apartments include the bowling club, the Surf Club as well as a host of excellent restaurants for serving delectable dishes.

Hunt for deals

To score the best holiday houses Gold Coast has to offer, it is important to do the legwork in order to find the best deals when visiting here. Start by checking the room rates on the apartment hotel’s website and then compare this against that offered by other travel providers in the market. Do not be afraid to negotiate with travel providers in order to find cheaper deals. Use various travel agencies and online travel brokers in order to unearth the cheap accommodation Gold Coast deals.