Car Tips for Your LDV EV80

LDV EV80 has growing popularity as a favorite electric van in Australia. Coming from a China’s giant auto company, SAIC, LDV loads EV80 with more features than its diesel version, LDV V80. LDV EV80 is a full-electric van so there are some differences in usage and maintenance. If you own an ldv ev80 and it’s your first time with an electric van, here are some tips for the best driving experiences.

Master The Mode Settings

LDV EV80 is featured with the mode settings or cruise control allowing you to switch between modes and to activate features during your trip. For the best ride experience, you’d have to master these controls as it wouldn’t only provide you with comfort but also more distance range for a single charge. Read owner’s manual books and never hesitate to ask recommendations from the dealerships in your local area. Mastering LDV EV80’s controls increase the efficiency rate.

Pre-Heating The Battery for Winter Riding

When it comes to winter driving, the electric van has some challenges to overcome especially for the battery. It’s always advisable to pre-heat your EV80’s battery before driving it through the cold winter. This basic action is critical since this model is fully electric and the entire performance would depend on the condition of your battery. Pre-heating allows the van to go smoothly in the cold weather and it prevents the damages from freezing, something that also damages your investment.

Drive Efficiently

From selecting the fastest route to managing power consumption, driving efficiency is exceptional when having a long trip with EV80. Not only does it provide you with extra range but power management also extends the battery lifespan in the longer term. Of course, efficiency would depend on the overall usage but you can put more concern when on a long journey and/or in winter. Activating the eco mode allows you to save more battery and drive safer. See more at Brisbane City LDV

Taking Care of Your Battery

As you might have known that battery is a vital element yet one of the most costly spare parts once it needs repairs or replacements. At this point, you should take care of your van’s battery during usage to keep it at the best performance for years to go. Despite get it checked regularly at LDV dealerships or authorized service centers, the drivers themselves can also contribute to caring for the battery. The simplest action you can take is by parking your LDV ev80 in cooler or covered spots when in hot weather. Being exposed to heat when the cooling system is off can damage batteries gradually.

Regular Maintenance

Yes, above all, never miss the regular maintenance for your EV80. Brisbane’s LDV service centre has a complete facility and qualified technicians and mechanics to ensure the best condition of your vehicles. Here, you can have comprehensive solutions for all parts of LDV EV80 and get the best quality service complying SAIC’s standards.

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