4 Essential Tips For Your First Caravan Trip Through The Aussie Outback

If you are planning on an unforgettable holiday, the Aussie Outback needs to be on your bucket list.  Now with the return of whiz mechanic Tim Leigh to the Bray Park area, you should consider hiring a caravan and renting a truck to really see and experience the Aussie badlands. The following article recommends five tips you should keep in mind when you enjoy the great Australian outdoors such as always having travel insurance and the number of necessary services such as a North Brisbane truck mechanic.

Pre Journey Checklist

Apart from the obvious towing aid you will need to attach to your truck in order to haul your caravan, you have to make a checklist which includes safety measures on the road. That list should include a fire extinguisher, wheel docks, caravan jack, extra coolant, fuel and insulation tape. You can get in touch with a local truck mechanic in north Brisbane, for other items such as a sway control device, extra fan belt and towing mirrors. Even if you have applied for auto insurance, you should keep a business card of an experienced truck mechanic North Brisbane based, in case your GPS help services fail.

Van Safety

A mechanic such as a North Brisbane truck mechanic will be able to help you make sure that both your car and caravan are attached securely. You must also find out from a professional such as a North Brisbane truck mechanic, whether your vehicles are road safe, with drawers fastened and other loose items been secured properly. It is also necessary to check that all the tyres have been air-checked and the lights in both vehicles are working correctly. Check Superior Alignments for more details.

Drive Easy

Since your vehicle is attached to a heavier one, you have to drive slowly while you take in your surrounding scenery. Driving fast will also drain your vehicle of fuel since you are towing a heavy load as well. On an open road, be mindful of traffic behind you and allow those in a hurry to pass. Speeding might throw off your center of gravity causing unnecessary swerving or tipping.

Get Used To Confined Spaces & Working As a Team

Whether you are travelling with children, your partner or spouse, a caravan trip really tests personal boundaries. Since you will have to share a confined space throughout the trip, try to give each other space when possible and stop your travel from time to time to stretch your legs and allow blood circulation. Especially for females, it will stop any moodiness or bloating that accompanies long distance travels. Also work as a team when it comes to serious hazards such as reversing your caravan, parking and driving around cliffs.


If you have never been on a caravan trip, it can be a fun-filled and romantic adventure. Having a routine helps so you do not exhaust yourself by driving too long at a stretch. You should also keep a diary of important contact numbers such as local services also found online at . The Australian outback should be experienced on holiday and on the road instead of flying.

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